So I’ve been listening to this Deadmau5 remix for awhile now called “Longest Road”. Originally mixed by Morgan Page, it’s a western feel house mix that is spear headed by vocals from a Stevie Nicks sounding folk singer. It took a couple months but when I was forwarded her awesome re-imagining of Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness”, I realized this folk singer was Lissie. Now few people can really recreate that old 70’s southern rock sound, however this women does so with what seems to be no effort at all.

This three piece band consists of her, Eric Sullivan on guitar and Lewis Keller combines Bass, Kick Drum and Hi Hats (multi functional band members are hip if you didn’t know). Her album “Catching a Tiger” is a serious must own for anyone looking for a textbook contemporary folk/blues/rock album. Her smokey voice screams of California highway on a beautiful day; so do yourself a favor and buy/rip/steal this album for your next road trip. Highlights: When I’m Alone, Cuckoo, and the rest of the album (check it).