Canadian Frid-ehs!

Why cross the musical borders, when we have amazingly talented DJs right in our own backyard? Artizia knows what’s up and their Artizia mixes are no stranger to SS. ‘Love Action’ has been expertly crafted by Vancouver DJ and producer Neoteric (@Neoteric), the master behind White Light Mixes. Need I say more? Definitely going to be my new wake up mix. Includes snippets from Mark Ronson, The Sounds, Interpol, and yes, Neil Young.


Next up to bat is DJ Royale (@RoyaleGG) hailing from my home town, tee-dot-oh-dot one of kiiind. ‘Mood Swings’ is a little more hip-hop/r&b and a lot more bob ya head. Peep that Runaway + You Don’t Know My Name mash-up right at the beginning. Ice cold!

Download here: