Great Skies

It’s becoming pretty apparent that the UK music scene is galaxies beyond anything else in the world. Here we have Great Skies, another bright emerging artist from London that creates emotionally complex, yet soothing electronica. Sitting with the “Summer Moments” EP is an experience that MUST be savored by any music lover. A song like “festival” can restore faith in a genre of music that seems to need it more then ever these days. I hope an EP like this can make individuals realize that electronic music is more then heavy bass and glow sticks. It can be relaxed, passionate, and thought provoking. Stream the album below, then buy it with a single tweet or a bandcamp sign up. Once you’re done with the EP, I strongly encourage you to head directly to the soundcloud. Probably one of my favorite finds in a long time.

Great Skies – Summer Moments EP