Wheel Wells

Mash-ups usually entail two tracks fighting for your attention in a heap of musical nonsense. But sometimes, it just feels right. And thanks to local indie dance duo the Wheel Wells, we have the vocals from Goldroom’s “Angeles” making sweet sweet love to the musically perfect “Something About Us”. DJs, you’re going to want to pick this up for your next summer time set.

Toronto, you’ll be able to check out another high quality disco party this Saturday at Wrongbar with the Wheel Wells along side Cole Co and DJ Arroganz. If you’re looking for reduced guest list, feel free to tweet at us! (@SurroundUs)

Also, if you haven’t marked down May 18th in your calender for Viceroy @ Czehoski, do it. Right now. Because this is one of the biggest names in disco in one of the best looking venues in Toronto.

Daft Punk Vs Goldroom – Something About Us (Wheel Wells ‘Angeles’ Edit) (Download Link)